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Located in Crestview, Florida


The INDOOR METAPHOR deck contains 56 full-color cards featuring images of therapeutic horses as they experience various emotions and actions within their herd.   These INDOOR METAPHOR cards are 3.5"x 5.75" in size and come shrink-wrapped in an easy-view box.

This deck is suitable for use in sessions with individuals, youth, couples, families and groups.  The instructions for use are clearly printed on each card. The instructions are simple.  Each client will:

1.  Select 2-3 random cards from the deck

2.  Share what you feel in going on with the horse(s) on the cards you have selected.


These INDOOR METAPHOR cards are a great therapeutic tool to use when it is not possible to be out in the arena with the horses.  INDOOR METAPHOR cards are much less hassle than transporting physical horses to various locations for therapeutic or learning sessions!  These cards can be used in various ways to open up a conversation, discuss perceptions, introductions, or provide additional insight into thoughts and feelings.

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